Frequently Asked Questions

How can Bebarang help me?

We know convenience and affordability are very important for busy parents. Bebarang aims to make parenting easier by offering an online baby clothes rental service that saves you both time and money. A few clicks and your child's wardrobe can be complete.

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What's so AWESOME about Bebarang?

It's easy to use Bebarang. You don't have to drive all the way to the mall or call your relatives and friends to see if they have any hand-me-down clothes that fit your child. Go online, find your favorite clothes, put it in your queue, and we will ship them straight to your door.

Keep your kids looking their best! Bebarang allows parents to dress their children with fashionable clothes for all of life's special moments.

As your child grows up, one day you can tell them you made the world a more sustainable place by using Bebarang.

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How do I save money with Bebarang?

Our pricing plans save parents up to 90% off the purchase price of an item. Customers can receive new clothes as well as gently used clothes that have been validated to meet the highest quality standards.

Keep the clothes for as long as you like. The monthly item rental price will be charged a month at a time.

You are renting the clothes, so you are not stuck with barely-worn expensive clothes that no longer fit your child.

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How flexible is this plan?

We offer great flexibility for your wardrobe selection. If you like them you can keep them for as many months as you like or return them and get a new item.

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What is a subscription?

When you subscribe to Bebarang, you are committing to one of our money saving payment plans. The plans require a monthly withdrawal from your Paypal account at the rate you select. When you sign up for a subscription to Bebarang, the plan automatically renews each month unless you tell us otherwise.

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What are Buckaroos and how do they work?

Buckaroos are our very own digital currency. Price Plan. Instead of seeing prices in dollars, you will see them in buckaroos. Each month your account is resupplied with the number of Buckaroos related to your subscription plan. Each item costs some number of buckaroos per month.


  1. Rent a dress for 2 buckaroos for the 1st month.
  2. Keep it another month for an additional 2 buckaroos.

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Clothing Selection

How many items can I rent out at a time?

You can rent out an amount that is less than or equal to your monthly payment.

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For how long can I keep the clothes?

As long as you want!

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What should I do when I'm done using an item?

When you are done with an item, simply wash it and return them to Bebarang with the prepaid envelope that came with the shipment.

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How should I clean the clothes?

We advise our customers to follow the cleaning instructions described on each garment's washing instructions. It would be best for your child to use dye-free, scent-free detergent to avoid the risk of skin allergies. If your child encounters any diaper accidents, formula or food stains while wearing the our clothes, we ask you to pre-treat the stains with stain removers before washing them.

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How does Bebarang clean the clothes?

We use professional cleaning services to make sure our items are "cleaner than new". Every item of clothing passes multiple washing and rinsing cycles with hot water. An alkali natural component is added to the water to help the detergent work more effectively, along with a minimum amount of bleach only if necessary. We also observe the pH level of the water during each wash and assure that there is no residue left behind.

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